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EXC Frontend Framework

The frontend framework is the set of javascript libraries used to create apps with EXC.

This documentation is in its early stages. Things are thrown together in a haphazard way, Sorry!.


  • Core
  • Wire
    Application Composition and Control.
  • Chain
    A helper function to make it easier to create sequential code flow for callbacks and asynchronous logic.
  • Promise
    A utility object to simplify the use of asynchronous code. It is similar to a native promise but adds some useful behaviors to make it more enjoyable!
  • Callbacks
    Using callbacks in EXC with some helper functions and extra functionality.
  • HTTP and AJAX
    Making HTTP requests.
  • Observers, Data Source and JSON API
  • Traits
  • Emitter
    Use the Emitter to add publisher/subscriber functionality to an object.
  • Controller
    Adds controller functionality to an object.
  • Thenable
    Use Thenable to add promise like "then" functionality to an object.
  • UI/UX
  • Views
    How to use views in your app.
  • Stage
    How to control views and user navigation in your app with the stage.
  • Components
    Using components and widgets.
  • Component Table
    Using the TABLE component.
  • Expansions
    Using magic attributes and other expansions.
  • Models
    Manage data with models.
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