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    Class controller

    The class \exc\controller provides the controller behavior. Every controller must inherit from this class or one of its sub classes.


    Function on()

    Registers a callback to given message.

    $controller->on(string $messageName, callable $callback, mixed $cookie)


    $messageName (string)(required) The name of the message to add the callback to.

    $callback (callable)(required) The function to be executed when the message is published.

    $cookie (mixed)(optional) An additional parameter that will be passed to the callback function when executed.

    Function publish()

    Publishes a message with the passed parameters.

    $controller->publish(string $messageName, array $params)


    $messageName (string)(required) The name of the message to publish.

    $params (array)(optional) An array with the parameters used to call the functions registered to this message.

    Function off()

    Remove a callback registered to given message.

    $controller->off(string $messageName, callable $callback)


    $messageName (string)(required) The name of the message with the passed callback.

    $callback (callable)(required) The function to be removed.

    Function isControllerInstance()

    Returns true if the passed object is an instance of a controller.

    $bool = \exc\controller::isControllerInstance(object $any)


    $any (object)(required) The object to test.

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