WA Object

Interaction with Deskframe and the host desktop is done with deskframe.js.

When you include deskframe.js you have access to the wa object. All interactions with Deskframe is done using the wa object.

The wa object offers a simple wrapper for all of its functionality provided.

Load Event

Before using any of the functionality in deskframe.js you have to make sure that Deskframe is ready to interact with your web app.

One way to do this is to use Deskframe's event DFLoaded, this event is triggered when the document is loaded and the host bridge is ready.

Deskframe API uses standard DOM events that are attached to the browser window where your html is displayed.

window.addEventListener("DFLoaded", function(event) {
	console.log("Loaded my app from url: " + o.url);

	//lets do fun stuff here...

You can check if Deskframe is ready by checking the value of the property wa.ready.

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